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  1. Cape Union Mart Cape Union Mart

    Cape Union Mart

    Cape Union Mart, South Africa's oldest and favourite outdoor and adventure store, stocks a wide range of outdoor gear, technical apparel, footwear and leisure clothing for avid explorers and weekend adventurers. Cape Union Mart. Explore.
    Store Number: 506A
  2. Capitec Capitec

    Capitec Bank

    Capitec Bank has, through innovation, combined the above into a single facility. It provides access to numerous options of each, via a paperless card-driven process which delivers everything on a realtime basis. The innovative packaging of this facility and our unique service platform have resulted in a low-cost bank infrastructure, requiring no costly branch back office, which delivers the most accessible, simplified, affordable banking available in the market.
    Store Number: 209 (Checkers) or 535 (Pick n Pay)
  3. Black Olive Hair Black Olive Hair

    Cartridge Depot

    Cartridge Depot
    Store Number: 515A
  4. Cash Crusaders Cash Crusaders

    Cash Crusaders

    Cash Crusaders offers a variety of brand new housebrand goods from DJ Equipment, home appliances, musical instruments and Doogee smartphones. We also buy and sell quality secondhand goods and offer secured 30 day loans against a client’s valuables.
    Store Number: 557
  5. CellC CellC


    We launched with a bang and we're growing faster than ever. It seems that our focus on individuality, choice, flexibility and value for money is what consumers have been waiting for. We're not interested in offering the standard products and services. Let's face it, if you wanted run-of-the-mill you wouldn't be here. Thus, in our drive to offer you unique benefits we have left records shattered... C how we did it!
    Store Number: 542
  6. Chanson Chanson


    Store Number: 133
  7. Checkers Checkers


    Store Number: 520
  8. Checkers Liquor Checkers Liquor

    Checkers Liquor

    Checkers Liquor
    Store Number: 520b
  9. ChickenLicken ChickenLicken

    Chicken Licken

    Chicken Licken take-aways and fast-food diner.
    Store Number: 321
  10. Clicks Clicks


    Clicks is South Africa's leading pharmacy, health, beauty and wellness retailer with more than 450 stores, over 335 in-store dispensaries and 125 in-store clinics nationwide. Our extensive range of products, along with our Clicks Private Label and Exclusive brands, add quality and exceptional value to every area of our customers' lives. Clicks Pharmacy offers convenient and affordable healthcare, whilst Clicks Clinics offer mother and baby care, family planning, vaccinations and preventative wellness services, such as cholesterol and glucose screenings, blood pressure testing and HIV testing and counselling. The Clicks ClubCard loyalty programme has over 4 million active members who enjoy the benefits of receiving cash-back rewards and fantastic discounts for shopping at Clicks. Feel good, pay less at Clicks.
    Store Number: 201
  11. Code Code


    Store Number: 312
  12. Crazy Store Crazy Store

    Crazy Store

    Crazy Store
    Store Number: 204
  13. Cross Trainer Cross Trainer

    Cross Trainer

    Cross Trainer
    Store Number: 302
  14. Crossover Crossover


    Shop Number: 328
    Close to Entrance 7
  15. Cups and Cones Cups and Cones

    Cups and Cones

    Cups and Cones
    Store Number: 115