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  1. BT Games

    Store Number: 402
  2. Big Sam Big Sam

    Big Sam

    Big Sam
    Store Nummber: 109b
  3. Bradlows Bradlows


    Store Nummber: 502A


    Store Number: 401
  5. builders-express builders-express
  6. Burger King Burger King

    Burger King

    Burger King
    Store Number: 558
  7. Pioneers Biltong Pioneers Biltong
  8. Caltex Caltex


    Store Number: 001b
  9. Cash Crusaders Cash Crusaders

    Cash Crusaders

    Cash Crusaders offers a variety of brand new housebrand goods from DJ Equipment, home appliances, musical instruments and Doogee smartphones. We also buy and sell quality secondhand goods and offer secured 30 day loans against a client’s valuables.
    Store Number: 557
  10. Black Olive Hair Black Olive Hair

    Cartridge Depot

    Cartridge Depot
    Store Number: 515A
  11. Cape Union Mart Cape Union Mart

    Cape Union Mart

    Cape Union Mart, South Africa's oldest and favourite outdoor and adventure store, stocks a wide range of outdoor gear, technical apparel, footwear and leisure clothing for avid explorers and weekend adventurers. Cape Union Mart. Explore.
    Store Number: 506A
  12. Capitec Capitec

    Capitec Bank

    Capitec Bank has, through innovation, combined the above into a single facility. It provides access to numerous options of each, via a paperless card-driven process which delivers everything on a realtime basis. The innovative packaging of this facility and our unique service platform have resulted in a low-cost bank infrastructure, requiring no costly branch back office, which delivers the most accessible, simplified, affordable banking available in the market.
    Store Number: 209 (Checkers) or 535 (Pick n Pay)
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