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  1. Ackermans Ackermans Connect
  2. Vodashop Apple Quick Fix

    Apple Quick Fix

    Store Nummber: 360C
  3. CellC CellC


    We launched with a bang and we're growing faster than ever. It seems that our focus on individuality, choice, flexibility and value for money is what consumers have been waiting for. We're not interested in offering the standard products and services. Let's face it, if you wanted run-of-the-mill you wouldn't be here. Thus, in our drive to offer you unique benefits we have left records shattered... C how we did it!
    Store Number: 542
  4. Handy Bazaars Handy Bizaar

    Handy Bazaar

    Store Number: 216
  5. Hifi Corp Hifi Corp

    HiFi Corp

    Audio/Electronic, PC, Cellphone & Photo
    Store Number: 518
  6. Incredible Connection Incredible Connection

    Incredible Connection

    Incredible Connection is a technology category specialist retailer which focuses on bringing technology solutions to life. With over 50 stores nationally, we have a wide and growing national footprint. We have the widest range of leading national and international brands such as Logitech, Acer, Sony and Canon and work hard at supplying products that, while pushing the technology boundaries, make a practical difference in your home or business environment. We differentiate ourselves on the basis of exclusive and innovative products, technical expertise, the provision of excellent customer service and support. Our mission is to distribute a comprehensive range of technology and related products to customers for all their technological needs. The achievement of superior customer satisfaction levels remains a cornerstone of our stores, Branch Managers, and their teams.
    Store Nummber: 355B
  7. MTN MTN


    You don’t have to look far to get more… With MTN, you can stay on top of it all. SMS, email, surf and talk away with our connectivity solutions, all designed to be customised to your specific needs. Whether you need more data, longer talk time or faster downloads, MTN will be there to get you connected.
    Store Nummber: 314(Movies) and 101(Pick n Pay)
  8. Pep Cell Pep Cell

    Pep Cell

    Pep Cell
    Store Number: 308 and 533
  9. R Apple Fix R Apple Fix

    R Apple Fix

    Store Number: 313A
  10. Telkom SA Telkom SA

    Telkom Express

    Store Number: 219A
  11. Telkom SA Telkom SA

    Telkom SA

    Store Number: 345
  12. VCell Clinix VCell Clinix
  13. Vodacom 4U Vodacom 4U

    Vodacom 4U

    Store Nummber: 310
  14. Vodashop Vodashop


    Store Nummber: 213

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