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  1. Pioneers Biltong Pioneers Biltong
  2. La Gourmet La Gourmet

    Le Gourmet

    Store Number: 364a
  3. Mugg and Bean Mugg and Bean

    Mugg & Bean

    Mugg & Bean provides the perfect refuge from a busy days shopping or a quick break from the office and over weekends Mugg & Bean is where South Africa goes for breakfast. Menu items are specifically designed to meet the needs of just about everyone looking for a friendly informal dining experience available at all hours and in very convenient locations across the nation.
    Store Nummber: 364
  4. Nandos Nandos


    At Nando's, we select only the best succulent chickens and trim them of extra fat before they are marinated in Nando's traditional Peri-Peri flavours... so the unique Nando's taste is absorbed right down to the bone. Nando's chicken is flamed-grilled, never deep fried, and basted in a choice of Peri-Peri flavour - mild, hot or extra-hot Peri-Peri or lemon and herb - until cooked to golden perfection! The chicken's butterfly-cut ensures equal browning from the leg and breast right down to the thigh. Nando's basting sauces are completely vegetarian. They also contain no preservatives, colourants or added MSG! The same is true of our chickens. Our chicken meals are also lower in saturated fat than many others!
    Store Number: 321
  5. Ocean Basket OBC


    Store Number: 560/561
  6. Ocean Basket Ocean Basket

    Ocean Basket

    Ocean Basket
    Store Number: 323A
  7. Parrots Parrots


    Store Nummber: 532
    1. Pizza Hut Pizza Hut

      Pizza Hut

      Store Number: 320
    2. Royal Pie Royal Pie

      Royal Pie

      Store Number: 115B
    3. Sa's Best SA’s BEST Fish & Chips

      SA’s BEST Fish & Chips

      Restaurant & Convenience Foods
      Store Number: 504
    4. Steers Steers


      Store Number: 318
    5. Wimpy Wimpy


      Store Number: 208
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