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  1. absa Absa


    Today. Tomorrow. Together. Absa Group Limited is one of South Africa's largest financial services organisations, serving personal, commercial and corporate customers in South Africa. The Group interacts with its customers through a combination of physical and electronic channels, offering a comprehensive range of banking services, (from basic products and services for the low-income personal market to customised solutions for the commercial and corporate markets), bank assurance and wealth management products and services.
    Store Nummber: 360b
  2. African Bank African Bank

    African Bank

    African Bank provides unsecured credit products to South Africa’s domestic market. In January 2008, ABIL acquired Ellerines Holdings Limited, a successful and established credit and cash retail furniture and appliance business. ABIL now consists of two underlying operations; the African Bank business unit, providers of unsecured credit; and the Ellerines Holdings Limited business unit, consisting of retail and financial services operations.
    Store Number: 211
  3. Capitec Capitec

    Capitec Bank

    Capitec Bank has, through innovation, combined the above into a single facility. It provides access to numerous options of each, via a paperless card-driven process which delivers everything on a realtime basis. The innovative packaging of this facility and our unique service platform have resulted in a low-cost bank infrastructure, requiring no costly branch back office, which delivers the most accessible, simplified, affordable banking available in the market.
    Store Number: 209 (Checkers) or 535 (Pick n Pay)
  4. First National Bank First National Bank

    First National Bank

    First National Bank... How can we help you?
    Store Nummber: 403
  5. Nedbank Nedbank


    Store Number: 359
  6. Standard Bank Standard Bank

    Standard Bank

    Store Nummber: 208B
  7. Old Mutual Old Mutual

    Old Mutual

    Old Mutual
    Store Number: 105
  8. Travelex Travelex


    Store Number: 536

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