Join us at our snow booth at Wonderpark for a magical day filled with plenty of entertainment for your little ones these school holidays. Pose for group pictures and selfies to encapsulate your family and friends memories forever.

Escape the scalding Pretoria heat and enter a winter wonderland as Wonderpark takes you on a snowy adventure. Enchanted snowy streets will lead you through as you enter the land of the friendliest Snowmen, who have the kindest hearts and the warmest smiles. Let the Milky Way light up your adventure as you encounter Reindeer and Owls, cosy cabins, pinecones and mistletoe. Follow the signs and you could end up in the North Pole, where Father Christmas and his elves are hard at work building the presents you’ve wished for this Christmas. Or, if you’re yet to send your requests, hurry to post your letter through our special express mail to make sure Santa can get to work on your gift.

The South Pole also awaits you in this snowy wonderland. Visit the village where elves and humans alike live together peacefully and work together to keep their village the most beautiful of all. There’s a fun and magical time that awaits you all in the land where all your dreams and wishes can come true. So come along little princes and princesses make a wish and make new friends on this charming adventure.